2016 Playoff Exemptions

Monday, August 22, 2016

In order to qualify for playoffs, players must have attended at least 8 regular season games, as per section L.3.i) of the KFL Constitution. Playoff exemptions can also be granted for players suffering significant injuries or other reasonable long-term absences, at the discretion of the Executive.

The following is a list of players who have been granted playoff exemptions for 2016:

Joshua Crosby, Thunder
Corey Jackson, Bulldogs
Todd Uhrig, Classics

Any player not appearing on the above list who is credited with less than 8 games played according to the KFL website (as of August 22, 2016) is ineligible for the 2016 playoffs. Teams with questions about a player’s eligibility should direct them to the President prior to their first playoff game.

- Mike Brown

Peter Hallman Memorial Tournament This Weekend

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Peter Hallman Memorial Tournament takes place this weekend, June 24-26, in St. Clements. The field features 10 ISC-ranked teams, as well as a four-team under-21 division:

#1 Hill United Chiefs
#2 Toronto Gators
#3 New York Gremlins
#6 Scarborough Force
#11 Northeast Drillers
#12 Toronto Batmen
#13 Kitchener Cubs
#14 Elmira Expos
#22 Shakespeare Falcons
#27 Wiarton Nationals

There will be more than 20 KFL players participating, as well as a half dozen of the KWUA umpires who regularly call the action at Budd Park. Check out the program for more information.

- Mike Brown

The Pitching Rule

Friday, May 6, 2016

After much discussion of the pitching rule over the past year, at the April 2016 meeting, team representatives agreed to abide by the International Softball Congress (ISC) pitching rule, relying on the umpires’ judgement regarding enforcement.

As stated in section N.4 of the KFL Constitution, “The league will adhere to the International Softball Congress rules on illegal pitches with the exception that an illegal pitch will constitute a ball on the batter but base runners shall not advance.” Of course, if the illegal pitch results in ball four on a batter, they will take their base and any runners forced to do so by that action will also advance.

As always, players who hassle umpires excessively on this (or any other) issue run the risk of being ejected. If you have any questions, please direct them to your team representatives.

- Mike Brown

Introducing the 2016 Executive

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The second meeting of the 2016 KFL season took place on Tuesday, April 26, marking the final meeting of team representatives prior to the start of game action for the year. Among other business, the 2016 KFL Executive was officially voted in, following its expansion from three to five members at the March meeting.

Long-time Treasurer Pat Lemieux will continue in that role, while former Vice President Mike Brown will take over as President. Three newcomers were also welcomed to the league’s administrative body: James Gallo (Athletics) as Vice President, Ron Woodworth (Bell Cartage Outlaws) as Director of League Relations, and Dan Polischuk (Athletics) as Director of Communications.

Other meeting highlights included debate over the pitching rule and structure of the B-side playoffs.

On the matter of the pitching rule, it seemed neither the teams nor umpires were thrilled with the experience from last year’s modified pitching rule and team representatives voted to return to following the International Softball Congress rules on illegal pitches. A further explanation on this will be posted to the website prior to the start of league play.

The format of this year’s B division was also discussed; both a round-robin format followed by a one-game final and a more traditional playoff format resulting in a best-of-three final were considered. Team representatives voted for the latter, meaning the 2016 B playoffs will involve one-game semi-finals (9 vs. 12 and 10 vs. 11), with the winners meeting in a best-of-three series. Team reps agreed to revisit this matter next year, depending on the number of teams in the league.

For any further information about last night’s meeting, contact your team representatives.

- Mike Brown

2016 Season to Start May 9

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The regular season schedule for the 2016 KFL season has been officially released - and opening night is less than three weeks away!

The season is set to begin on Monday, May 9 with a double-header featuring the Smoke and Bulldogs in the early game, followed by the Thunder and Selects at 9 p.m. The league's reigning champs, the 37s, begin their title defense on Tuesday, May 10 against the Kings, while the KFL's newest squad, the Brewers, start things off that same night against the Classics. View the full slate of games on our Schedule page.

We look forward to seeing all the KFL's players, umpires, and fans for another year of excellent fastball at beautiful Budd Park!

- Mike Brown


Team G W L T P W%
Bell Cartage Outlaws 22 19 2 1 39 0.864
Diamond Jaxx 22 15 6 1 31 0.682
Kings 22 14 7 1 29 0.636
37s 22 13 7 2 28 0.591
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Name Team HR
Dan Martin 37s 9
Tim Dubois Bell Cartage Outlaws 6
Andrew Detzler Bulldogs 5
Chris Davis Bulldogs 5
Chad MacQueen Diamond Jaxx 4
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President Mike Brown
Vice President James Gallo
Treasurer Pat Lemieux
Director of League Relations Ron Woodworth
Director of Communications Dan Polischuk


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