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Thursday, March 12, 2015

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2015 KFL Season just around the Corner....

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Team Reps be on the watch for your 2015 Season packages going out shortly..League Meeting and 2014 wrap-ups upcoming.

Diamond Jaxx - KFL 2014 Champions

Friday, September 26, 2014

Congratulations to the Diamond Jaxx on winning the KFL Championship for the 2014 season. The Jaxx completed an undefeated run through the KFL playoffs with a 3-game sweep of the Selects with a walk-off win in the bottom of 7th, edging out the win 4-3 on a base hit by Chad MacQueen.

Very well pitched series by both teams, by Jeff Wise and Kevin Buckley of the Diamond Jaxx, and Shayne Reipert of the Selects.

Photo Credit - Paula Manel

Congrats to the Runners Up, Kitchener Selects on a great season.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The KFL Finals between Diamond Jaxx and Selects resumes tonight at Budd Park at 7pm.

Game #1 will be picked up from where it was suspended last week. Will be bottom of the 4th inning, 2 out, 2 on, with the Diamond Jaxx batting, leading 2-0.

Game #2 will start shortly after the conclusion of Game #1.

Please keep Kevin Ryrie in your thoughts as he recovers. Was a very scary incident in Game#1 and the KFL wishes you well.

And Then There Were Two...

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

We are finally there. The last playoff series of the 2014 KFL season will feature the Selects vs. The Diamond Jaxx. I don’t know how many KFL fans, back in May, would have predicted that particular matchup, but it was never out of the realm of possibility. Both teams were big-time winners all season, and had similar win loss records. This is going to be a great match-up.

Before we look at how it all came about, however, let’s take a moment to congratulate the winner of the B-side playoffs, The Moonshiners. Congratulations, Moonshiners. After losing the last five games of the season, the Moonshiners went undefeated in their playoff run, winning four straight games to end the season and take home the trophy. That’s gotta feel good.

The Predators were a tough opponent for them, and, most likely, were almost everyone’s pick to take home the B-side this year, but for the second year in a row the Predators just missed out on glory. (I know, I know: Don’t rub it in.) It was still a great season for the Preds, and they seem to improve every year. I don’t doubt that it will be very long before they start contending for the A-side finals.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town …

I was certain that in this year’s KFL finals we would see a rematch of last year’s championship, The Diamond Jaxx vs Bell Cartage. It seemed, to me, like a foregone conclusion, with two trains heading northbound and southbound on the same track, a collision being eminent.

But, I was wrong.

The Selects (7 -1 underdogs) upset Bell Cartage, taking a close fought series, and winning the two games they needed to continue on by a total of 2 runs (2 to 1 and 1 - 0). And that, fans, is Selects baseball. Good pitching, solid defense, and a ‘get em on get em in’ mentality that they rode all year long and has brought The Selects to the veritable edge of greatness… they are on the cusp of making KFL history!

(And as an aside: GIven the storied timeline of this Selects organization, I am quite surprised to look at the annals of the KFL and see that the Selects have never won the A-side finals. I know, if my memory serves me correctly, that they have been there before. Always a bridesmaid; never a bride? humph … who knew. This might just be their year, though.)

But first, they have to take down the mighty Diamond Jaxx who are simply, “bringing it.” Thus far, The Jaxx are undefeated in their playoff run, trampling The Classics and The Jays. There isn’t much to say about The Diamond Jaxx that hasn’t already been said. They are a good ball team who play all facets of the game very well; however, if I had to point to one thing, I would say their real strength is knocking the snot out of the baseball. Collectively, this team can hit -- top to bottom. If the Selects pitchers can’t hold those bats down, it could be a quick series. I don’t think that The Selects will be able to play catch up if they get down runs.

Mind you, if the Selects can hold Bell Cartage to six runs over three games you gotta ask yourself: Why can’t they do it to the Jaxx?

It is going to be a great series and I am planning on getting out to watch as many of the games as I am able to. If you care to join me, the series starts this Thursday at 8:00 pm, Budd 1. Come on out and support the league, bring your teammates, maybe see a few familiar faces, have a good time, and embrace what is truly the spirit of the KFL.

I think this is probably going to be my last article this year. I enjoyed writing this column, and I hope everyone enjoyed reading it. Thanks for reading.

- Matthew Fries


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